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Your employees are busy, and while their development is a critical component of their success, they also have a job to do. The ViaTech™ ViaOne™ Ecosystem provides true Learning on Demand, in any format, on any device… whenever or wherever they are. Learners have access to all the content they need through a single secure platform that requires no file. Your trainers can even have documents printed and delivered anywhere in the world in any volume, on demand. That saves time and money.

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The Learning Content Delivery Gap

We can help you deliver – however your learners consume content.

The ViaTech™ ViaONE™ Platform is a single secure platform that allows you to create, manage, and distribute content securely in the cloud. Through the platform, you decide how you want your content to be distributed to your learners, whether it’s via a mobile device, print or both.


of all end-users indicate that they wish to consume all content via mobile platforms.


of all end-users indicate that they prefer using both traditional print media and mobile platforms for content consumption, depending on the content.


of all end-users indicate that they wish to consume all content via traditional print media.

Learn Via Active Reader

Active Reader™ is a device-agnostic enterprise application that allows trainers to give learners secure digital access to any document on any mobile device, as well as the ability to add personal annotations and notes within those documents.

Personalized bookshelf with most up-to-date version of training resources

Flexibility to organize files how you see fit

Accessibility anytime, anywhere, any device

Search and retrieve files instantly

Full suite of tools for their learning now and later on

Ability to take text, audio and video notes as well as markup, draw or highlight

Ability to privately collaborate with trainers or content developers by sending them feedback, notes, or questions on any document

LMS Integration

Active Reader™ compliments your organization’s LMS by creating profiles for any course and pushing that learning content to targeted users before, during and after their learning experience. This results in a blended learning experience for the user, enabling learning on demand and collaboration between employees.

Active Reader™ eliminates the need for source file conversion, and enables secure electronic document delivery, transforming any device into a learning platform capable of engaging authenticated users with content tailored for them. Along with the ViaTech™ Learning Solutions Ecosystem, Active Reader™ encourages and tracks collaboration through instant video notes and voice annotation capability.

Learner Benefits

When employees learn, retain and act upon the materials your organization provides them, they can deliver the results you expect.

The ViaONE™ Ecosystem and Active Reader™ provide learners with the tools they need to create a customized learning experience.

Engage with your content

Within your branded application, learners can highlight, annotate, underline, create voice and video notations or type personalized notes for their reference regardless of which device they use.

Share notes, videos, memos, whatever…

Active Reader™ lets a learner select specific sections or points in a document and send voice or written messages to the instructor or their peers for support, referencing the document and exact location of the source of the question. Providing feedback couldn’t be easier.

Stop worrying about version control

With Active Reader™, version control is effortless. New versions of documents are updated seamlessly and users’ notes are saved and can be added back into the updated documents. Users are notified when their materials are changed or updated, so version control is never a problem.

Internal Search Engine

What happens if you need a dozen different documents that are scattered in a sea of thousands, and you need to get to them? With ViaONE’s™ powerful search function, your users can instantly comb through multiple documents to find all the relevant material, on any topic large or small in their content library or their personalized notes.

Access on- or off-line content

For the times when no network is available, use Active Reader™ to pre-load documents on your device and access as needed. You can even set parameters for each document so they expire at a given time or automatically erase if a connection to the server is not made in a pre-set period.


Active Reader gives you the flexibility to organize files how you see fit. The notes you take in your documents are yours alone – you can annotate any of your documents with a variety of notepads, voice or video notes, highlighters, colorful pens – just about anything that helps you learn. You have the power to create whatever folders you need, so you can organize your materials how it works best for you. It’s your content – you should have total control how you learn from it!

Training Team Benefits

ViaTech’s™ Learning Platform empowers your trainers to manage, distribute, teach and measure business-critical information so your employees can deliver results when it matters most.

Working with ViaTech™ shows you the true meaning of partner. Everyone at the firm is professional, has a positive attitude, meticulous with strong attention to detail, and always receptive to our requests and inquiries. The materials produced exceed expectations, reflecting the level of service ViaTech™ professionals put into their work.”

Vincent S.Charles Schwab

ViaTech™ is a wonderful company to work with, their integrity and professionalism is like no other.  The team always tackles issues with an amazing can-do attitude.  They are great business partners.

Sharon D.YUM! Brands

ViaTech™ continually performs as a top vendor with commitment to innovation, outside-the-box solutions and drive to be the best a partner can offer. As we continue to evolve, ViaTech™ is able to build, streamline, and scale its platforms to conform and flex with Optum’s go-forward vision and strategy.

Marc. COptum

With this merger, it became critical to find a partner who could help us eliminate the costs of internal infrastructure and inventory, while being able to deliver on-demand to destinations across dozens of airports and training facilities. ViaTech™ provided the optimal solution.

John D.Delta Airlines

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